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Recommended First Upgrades & General Modifications - Page 1

PhatdadRC shock shafts kits are available for both the RTR and SS    improved quality over stock
Turtle Racing Diff Saver - RTR / SS if preferred  stock plastic diff can warp under load, resulting in blown gears
Metal gear servo upgrade minimum -  RTR only / SS comes with metal gear servo    improved quality over stock
Servo upgrade to digital   improved performance over stock - Refer to Servo Comparison Chart
3rd channel Kill switch, eg modified Pico switch, Killer RC or similar    avoid runaways!
Outerwears Pull start Pre-filter / cover    Outerwears Air Filter Pre-filter / cover
Shock covers, eg badhorsie.com or DIY- protect shocks / shafts / prevention of seal wear due to sand abrasion
PhatdadRC or Dark Soul Driveshafts / cups    Essential for larger motors   improved quality over stock
Turtle Racing Y chassis Top plate    improved quality over stock, strengthens front of chassis
Front lower chassis plate    strengthens and braces front of chassis
Mesh mod to lower engine intakes     protects flywheel fins from stones and debris
Voltmeter - highly recommended for battery level monitoring
TGN Redneck Outer Foam for air filter (used in conjunction with stock blue inner foam & Outerwear's cover
Rear and front shock braces   improved quality, strengthens shock support, provides protection
2.4 Ghz radio system    highly recommended to change from RTR FM system
Tyre Upgrade, eg Hostile Hobby improved quality over stock, longer lasting wear ability
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  Heavy Duty Bashing

  Free / DIY at minimal cost




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