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Recommended First Upgrades & General Modifications - Page 2

Placement of springs on caliper pins between brake pads  prevent binding of pads
Replace brake linkage spring with fuel tube of similar length    will marginally improve braking 
Exhaust pipe - Upgrade to a decent tuned pipe depending on use required and environment 
Windows (several options available)    first line defence of air filter, will ease maintenance
Billet Fan cover - ideal for heavy bashing / stock cover has a tendency to crack
Increased capacity rx battery, eg 4200, 4600mah (in comparison to stock at 3000mah)
Fast Eddy Pro Bearings improved quality over stock
Quick Release Roll Cage Mod DIY or aftermarket products available     an easier life for routine maintenance
Turtle racing HD Clutch Assembly for the ultimate solution to broken pinion bolts
Front bumper   impact! Eg. Worx
Turtle Racing  steel clutch bell improved quality over stock
Axle Extenders - eg Dark Soul    Improves stability and also prevent wheel rub against lower shock caps
Billet Spark Plug cover   stock cover is plastic and can deform on impact leading to damaged spark plug
Clutch cover  -prevents premature clutch shoe wear - or combined cover and carrier in single unit
Throttle / Brake Linkage Upgrade   stock linkage set up has tendency to stick, particularly in sand
Mesh mod to pull starter grille    provides protection from dirt/debris to pull start assembly
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  Heavy Duty Bashing

  Free / DIY at minimal cost




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