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Recommended Sand Running Upgrades, General Modifications & Notes - Page 1

Check all screw fixings and ensure they are all snug, particularly those associated with the exhaust, engine / carb / air filter and all gaskets to limit the possibility of dirt / sand entering through these connections

Rear sand paddles, and ideally front sand ribs   mounted up another set of rims so that you're not forever changing beadlocks.

TGN RedNeck Dual Stage Filter / Blue stock inner foam both suitably oiled with tacky foam filter oil, with Outerwears pre filter cover (drawstring type may be slightly easier to pull over assembly than the elastic type)

Outerwears Pull start pre-filter

Ideally an improved throttle Linkage set up, eg Yamadude style - 
If necessary
modifications can be done to the stock throttle linkage   a drill can be used to carefully increase the hole size in the black slider and decrease the chances of sticking due to grit /sand build up.  The insertion of two small metal eyelets in the increased holes, one at at each end of the slider, may also improve free movement.

Grease the carb throttle shaft and place 4 x o-rings P4  (4 x 2mm clear #75070) as used in the  shocks, along its length. Grease again, and slip on a trimmed axle boot prior to screwing on the throttle arm. This will protect the shaft and dirt entering behind the e clip.
Any fine dust / sand passing past the boot will stick to the surface of grease creating a natural barrier and prevent it from entering further and causing potential problems.

Grease on 'spring side' throttle arm (Dieelectric grease, available from marine accessories suppliers etc)

Shock covers, eg badhorsie.com for protecting the shocks / shafts / prevention of seal wear due to sand abrasion

Smear grease onto the air filter sleeve face (#85444 / 1) ie where the foam filter meets the flat of the sleeve (or an even layer onto the end of the stock blue inner foam) to effectively form a seal to the ingress of dirt
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