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Recommended First Upgrades & General Modifications - Page 3

Replace stock pinion bolt with 12.9 grade steel bolt common issue with broken stock pinion bolts
Pinion bolt / locknut - reverse insertion    allows for easy removal from inner side clutch bell should a bolt break
E-clip Mod - eliminate front wheel hub e-clip - no more lost bearings, e-clips or chasing wheels!
Gas Cap Vent Mod - DIY mod - improvement over existing 'breather hole' and stock inner cap valve mechanism
Billet Clutch Bell carrier    stock plastic can suffer warping due to heat build up & result in loose bearing 
RPM suspension arms  improved quality over stock  - check any fitment issues at hpibajforum.com
Stainless Steel / Titanium turnbuckles  improved quality & strength over stock aluminium
HD Beadlocks (Silverback RC)    improved quality - helps strengthen wheel / protects tyre sidewall
Stock clutch (reversed shoe mod)  
Clutch upgrade, eg Elcon with Bashproof plate , Lauterbacher (4 shoe) or similar     
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  Heavy Duty Bashing

  Free / DIY at minimal cost




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