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 Oiling & Installing the Air Filter (TGN RedNeck Dual Stage Filter / Stock inner / Outerwears Pre-Filter)

Proper oiling is crucial to the operation of foam filters. The following is one recommended method of properly oiling filters -

Saturate the filter with a tacky foam filter oil. A clear plastic bag or container can be used to literally soak the filter. Disposable vinyl gloves are useful to initially to squeeze as much of the oil back into the container / bag for future use.

Then continue to remove as much of the oil by squeezing (not wringing) the filter in paper towels (pic 1)
Squeeze hard, and keep using clean towels until almost no further oil is staining the towels.

With this method, it can safely be assumed, as far as is possible, that every open cell is coated with the tacky foam filter oil, and every cell is open to pass air. 

The filter can be over oiled just as easily as under-oiled. Too much oil left on the foam fills the open cells, and will prevent the passage of air, effectively choking the motor. An under oiled filter will breath fine, but can allow dirt into the motor.

NB. Protect the filter from water.  Water will carry grit through the tacky open cells--air won't.

Clean the filter at intervals depending on use and conditions with mineral spirits or gas, followed up with soap & water.

Smear grease onto the air filter sleeve face (#85444 / 1) ie where the foam filter meets the flat of the sleeve (or an even layer onto the end of the stock blue inner foam, as shown here) to effectively form a seal to the ingress of dirt (pic 2 - red arrow, pic 3).

After sliding the foam filter to meet  the sleeve face, ensure a good seal is obtained against the meeting face (pic 3). Place the two part retaining clamp (#85444 / 2 & 4) and ensure that the foam end sits underneath, and is securely held by the clamp around its full circumference (pic 4)

Take the outer filter element - in this example the stock element has been replaced with the TGN RedNeck Dual Stage Pre Filter (TGN item #3225), and follow the method above for oiling (pic 5).

Note - if the outer filter is oiled correctly, it should not result in oil 'soaking' the Outerwears fine weave material. To ensure this does not occur, take extra care to 'dry' the red outer surface with paper towels. Alternatively oil as much of the inner yellow, keeping the red surface free of oil. If the Outerwears becomes overly contaminated with oil it will attract dust and dirt, preventing the free passage of air to the filter and engine.

The RedNeck filter is of a slightly greater diameter than the stock element. As such, ensure that there is enough clearance for the throttle linkage to move freely. Using an Outerwears will reduce the likelihood of this occuring - and a Yamadude type linkage will reduce it even further.

Complete the assembly by placing an Outerwears pre filter over the outer TGN filter (pic 6 / 7)

Credits - Earthsurfer Products (ESP), Timmahh
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