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Recommended Sand Running Upgrades, General Modifications & Notes - Page 2

Mesh mod to engine intakes & pull starter grille

Enclosed wheel nuts may cause issues. Sand will bind the nut to the hex. ie sand will enter via the back of the wheel hub, though the hole in the projection that holds the e-clip
Solutions include
use stock wheel nuts, replace the e-clip with a bolt (e-clip mod) which will effectively seal the hole, or seal the hole with another means prior to running

Attach a spring to the throttle return arm. Slightly notch the arm (if desired) and connect the spring to the engine cover (adjacent the kill button) with a screw

Elcon clutch with a Bashproof plate or similar quality clutches such as Lauterbacher

Clutch cover to protect the clutch shoes from sand - options include, amongst others, Modified RC cover, Ramtech billet enclosed clutch holder; Modified RC billet clutch cover used with Ramtech billet clutch bell carrier; or the ultimate Turtle Racing Complete HD Clutch System to name a few.

Pen spring mod - to caliper pins between brake pad to prevent binding

Windscreen and side windows, body first lines of defence, will help deflect much of the sand from your vitals

chassis side panels flexible diy inserts or DTL rocker panels by dliguori25.

When installing the missing bearing (B029) to the RTR gear case (drive gear shaft), it is probably a good idea to leave the rubber washer #86667(RTR) in place, with the new bearing pushed up against it to seal any gap and keep sand out of the bearing / box

Note that, given the nature of sand bashing (rolling, cartwheeling etc), pipes with baffles removed or short exhaust pipes such as the X-Can will have an increased chance of sand entering the engine and potentially causing serious damage. Of course all pipes will be at some risk to depending on driving style / conditions etc.

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