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 Worx Front Bumper (Extended)
Relatively simple bumper design - but impressive quality, feel and design. Thickness is around 10mm, nicely cut and moulded, finished with bevelled edges.

Comes heatshrunk to card, vinyl stickered with WORX logo and paper 'Made in' sticker, hardware and A4 instruction sheet.

Straightforward to fit. Hardware includes 6 machine screw/cross head (2 x M5x50, 2 x M5x30, 2 x M5x20 ) and two M5 locknuts.
Not being a fan of crosshead screws, the machine screws were replaced with standard black hex screws.
Rear two fixings require drilling two holes into chassis either side of steering linkage/posts.

When fitted looks more discreet than one would imagine - which is nice. Sticks a few mm in front of the line of tyres.
Weighing in at around 213g, for comparison, it is less than 2/3rds the weight of a HBZ metal front bumper.