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 Tarmac Rollover Protection

After a few mishaps on tarmac, it won't take long to realise that the Baja will start to look a little tatty, without some measure of, preferably, easily renewable protection.

During a recent rollover – 'luckily', the only damage sustained was a heavily scraped stock spark plug cover, scratched wing tips, some light damage to the front TR shock brace, and a scratched custom perforated roof plate (last item because I was running with a stock plug cover, which lies low, exposing the roof plate in a roll).

Sounds like a long list, but following some grinding and polishing, and some careful knife work on the rear wing edges, the results were acceptable.

'Luckily', because it could have been much worse – firstly, the plastic spark cover tends to deform under heavy impact and can easily lead to a damaged spark plug, and secondly (and ironically) an expensive billet plug cover wasn't being run at the time.

Decided to put on a TGN billet spark plug cover that I’d had for sometime – must say I like the look of the stock cover and so resisted replacing it but for obvious practical reasons the aftermarket one wins.

Even though the remedial results were acceptable, it could get tedious continually grinding down a couple of expensive billet parts and of course the plastic rear wing wouldn’t last long after a few tarmac tumbles.

Solution – cheap and easily changeable  spark plug cover 'cover'(aluminium angle, 10 x 40mm), a couple of wing tips (again from alu angle, 10 x 20mm) and a front brace solid alu roll bar (10mm diam).

Wing tips can be fixed with button screws / washers / lock nuts, the front roll bar with 9.5mm(3/8”) P-clips via the shock brace screws, and the plug cover with HD double sided foam tape.

After a few rolls and scrapes, and once the 'sacrificial' parts get beyond the stage of acceptability – simply replace.

The front bar now also fully protects the front mounted light pods (straight line from top of the brace bar back to top edge of Lunatik bumper)

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