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 Ramtech wheels / HPI Tarmac Busters  - Installation / Observations
Just a few observations re Ramtech billet wheels, tarmac buster tyre design, beadlocks etc. 

First of all – let's be clear Ramtech rims are probably some of the best currently available for the Baja.

Don’t really want to talk taping or gluing here, as it is discussed in length elsewhere, however it does have some bearing on the subject.

Some areas have been touched on briefly a while back. All is great in hindsight, but this aspect was not picked up early enough in my research. Just thought I’d give this important item a little more exposure - especially as it may have contributed to a few tyre failures.

HostileHobby give some great advice once you receive their tyres (don’t think its on the HH website) – “The HPI wheels often have a sharp lip on both edges of te outer whell ring. Be sure to sand this area smooth with sandpaper to ensure the longest life for your new tires. ….”
This advice will of course apply to whatever tyre is being run.
The rear tarmacs in the pics are the original first set installed and were not belted (taped) – foams were glued. Current ones have been run for a few months and are belted (along centre of tyre only, foams are glued) – checks will be made shortly on the condition of these.

A sharp edge exists on the Ramtech Billet wheels – (please shout up if I’m the only one with this - but could not find any other info) – which needs to be dremelled down smooth.

Granted, the lack of belting will no doubt have contributed to the stress on the tyres, but the sharp edges D will also have been a major factor. 

The lack of side wall (see DIM C) to the inner rear tyres is a key weakness with the tarmac buster design (or potentially any design, based on the differing diams of the inner and outer faces of the stock wheels) – means potential damage can occur to the wheels in this little protected area – not good if you’re running billet wheels. The foam is also thinnest at this point.

The front tarmac design is great – it has a thickened projecting bead on the inner face (DIM A). There is no damage, fractures, stress marks anywhere on the tyres or wheels.

This is the only area that has been damaged on the rear wheels. All other parts have suffered no damage.

A ‘heavy duty’ inner beadlock design (similar to the outer ones) would not go amiss and help protect both the side wall (or lack of it) and wheel rims, particularly if running alu ones. Extenders may of course be a requirement for clearance.

I know some key manufacturers have already / are addressing the thickening of the bead wall dim in the latest tyre designs.

NB.The illustrations are based on the rtr tyre wheel section (page 26 RTR manual) - the SS manual does not contain the relevant diagrams.
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