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 CST Billet Light Pod mounting - modification to allow easy body removal

The task of removing the Baja body is simplified with the removal of the stock light pods, which are each secured with a single body pin. Considering the amount of times the body is taken on and off, this is a chore at the best of times, particularly if 'handles' are not fixed to the body pins. 

With the screw / nut type fixing found on the CST light pods, the process is probably more taxing. Here the stock roll cage light brackets (A) are carefully cut off (C) and the area sanded smooth (B)
Two 9.5mm (3/8") P-clips (the type used for windscreens / side windows, pic J below) are used to create new 'hinged' type brackets (D,E,F) to allow the light pods to be rotated over the lower windscreen area, and clear of the body during removal (G). The holes of the p-clip may require some opening to allow the arm of the light pod to screw in. Once in, the nuts can be used to secure the arm, though this may not be necessary (NB version1 of the light pods shipped with large bullet type nuts)

An elongated washer (arrow pic F) made from opened up silicone tubing, or similar, provides sufficient friction to firmly hold the p-clip to the roll cage (preventing unwanted movement), grip the screw arm securely and yet still allow the pod to be rotated when required.
Individually plugged pods will ease their removal  (preventing the twisting of wires) - (H - here shown with a Tamiya / Kyosho type plug, though smaller connectors of a suitable type may give more room within the roll cage)  The pods can then, when necessary, be unplugged, unscrewed and removed from the arms which remain attached to the p-clip/cage.