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 3rd Channel Kill switch - connecting the wires from the aftermarket kill switch to the existing ignition coil
 The direct connection method makes the whole job easier rather than the stripping of existing wires/soldering mid-way etc.
The connecting wire can be simply routed underneath the engine shroud. Alternatively it can be routed through a drilled hole within the shroud, or, as illustrated here, by cutting a notch into the side of the plastic shroud for the wires to slip into. The wire is then securely held in place once the fan cover is re-fitted.

This way the wire assembly can be removed independently, leaving the shroud in place. Additionally, a plug connected midway (between the radio box and ignition coil) is useful in allowing the radio box / kill switch to be easily removed for routine maintenance, without having to access the ignition coil plugs.
Credits include - Richmills
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