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 ESP Modified & ESP Fully Ported 30.5cc CY31RC Engine

Installation and some of the typical modifications carried out during the process

A - 30.5 ESP  |  B - Engine underside intake aluminium mesh  |  C - Pull starter aluminium mesh

E - stock manifold changed to F, ADA billet manifold / teflon gaskets (note pulse hole in manifold is incorrectly shown upside down)
G, H - Engine mounting tab, located on top of clutch housing, carefully cut away  |  I - engine cover projecting tab cut back

J - Stock inner filter oiled and greased lip  |  K - TGN pre filter all oiled up  |  N - Outerwears nicely wraps up the package.

O - Elcon clutch  |  P - Elcon parts - dark springs used  |  Q -Hex screw heads slightly ground down for clearance of clutch bell (TR steel)                  R - detail of screw head after grinding

Engine prepped and ready for install

S - Stock clutch removal and elcon install using piston stopper and flywheel puller  |  T - pull starter Outerwears velcro applied  |  U - Ramtech billet clutch bell holder, Modified RC's billet clutch cover and Turtle Racing steel clutch bell installed.
V - Robinson Racing 18/55 top speed (pinion/spur) set installed  |  W- Modified RC's billet gear cover and Fatboy RC's billet pins installed.

X - Pull starter Outerwears fitted. Y - Installation complete  |  Z - Examination of the original 23cc engine intakes, revealed that the several month old 'mesh mod' held up just perfect - Glue used - Evo Stick 'Serious Glue' -30deg-+130degC.'s an awesome engine! - but you already knew that.

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