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 Axle Mod to Carb Arm

A relatively easy mod that uses part of an old (or new) axle boot to offer protection against a sticking throttle arm - something that can be caused by sand or dirt accumulating behind the e-clip (pic A / B). There are of course a number of variations to this mod using miscellaneous parts that can readily be found in any well stocked spares box.

Using three greased 4 x 2mm clear o-rings (eg. HPI part# 75070) to form a barrier against dirt, slide along the throttle shaft. Carefully cut an axle boot along the inner diameter after the 4th ring - this will help prevent any dirt entering the shaft area from the rear. Optional - inserting a metal washer inside the first ring  of the boot (pic D / E) will help to firmly keep the o-rings tight against the carb body once the boot is in place and throttle arm screwed on.

NOTE: The cross head of the small stock screw can easily become damaged from constant removal and tightening as part of routine maintenance. As such it is recommended that it is replaced with the more robust hex headed standard beadlock screw. Depending on the depth of the tap in the throttle shaft, a millimetre or two may need to be ground off the length of the screw to ensure a perfect fit.
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